DIY Organic Honey & Almond Mask

Want to start the new year with fresher looking skin? Here is a easy DIY Honey and Almond mask you can do yourself to revive that tired skin!! You will need: 6oz Plain yoghurt ¼oz Finely-crushed organic almonds 2tsp Organic / raw honey 2tsp Wheatgerm oil What to do: Mix all the ingredients into a smooth paste and massage the

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Everything COLLAGEN.

What EXACTLY is Collagen you may be wondering? Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in humans, building blocks found in the skin, tendons, bone, cartilage, and all other connective tissues. We, as humans need to produce it in the maintaining of skin, hair, nails, muscles and bones – in fact, Collagen exist in 1/3 of the proteins in our body.

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